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Over the last few years the Italian outfit Macron have established themselves as one of the key players in the football teamwear market. The Bologna based company have become the official teamwear supplier for a number of the world’s top sides. As you would expect of an Italian clothing manufacturer, they are renowned for the quality of their product. Of all the brands that we stock, Macron also have the largest range of product from playing wear to training wear to leisurewear and accessories.


For those whose decision it is to choose kits, Macron make things slightly easier by splitting their range into “total looks”. These pages at the front of the catalogue show all the products of a similar style so you can ensure your side isn’t a mix and match of kit. These total looks are called Academy, Revolution, Campione, Talent, Competition and Imagination. Browse the catalogue in full, here.


Last year Macron launched the hugely popular Campione range along with their refreshed, ‘hero’ logo. While existing product won’t be changing logo, in some ranges a “hero” version is available. This year’s new team look is Imagination so let’s start here with a run down of what’s new.


The Imagination range features a unique, abstract sublimated design over the shoulders. This range features hooded tops, ½ zip tops, a polo shirt, bomber jacket and more. The two padded jackets that make up the range don’t have the design, however they do have a different shade of shoulder panel to the main colour of the jacket.


Macron Chenda Polo | Campus Sports

    Macron Chenda Polo


This season sees a few new match-day shirts available in junior and adult sizes, namely the PolisNashKimah and Miram. The Polis has sixteen different colour ways which gives great options when it comes to having the same top for home and away in reverse colours. The Nash is part of the Imagination Total Look so if you want something distinctive this could be the shirt for you. The Kimah features a sublimated diagonal design which invokes a bit of 90s nostalgia. The Miram is a modern take on a classic, featuring a unique colour bleed design on the vertical striped shirt.


Macron Polis Shirt | Campus Sports

Macron Polis Shirt

New for the goalies this year is the Ares which comes in five different colours.

One for the secretaries reading this, the following shirts are all being discontinued this year:

Sirius, VestaEarth, Kelt, Wezen, Skoll and Saturn along with the Feo, Hercules and Gemini for the goalies. However, we will remain stocking this as long as Macron have availability.

When it comes to trainingwear, the main changes are all the tops which make up the Imagination Total Look. For teams looking to commit to a range, most of these are continued until 2023.

The Active range sees a slight refresh with a new top coming in. The Holly is a new long sleeve top which is a bit more affordable than the Performance top and, as you would expect, comes in colours to match every match top in the Macron range.

One range which sees a host of new product for 2020 is the jackets. The Lyngen, Vostok, Gyor, Lahti and Narvik are all brand new.

Macron Gyor Jacket | Campus Sports

Macron Gyor Jacket

If you are a secretary reading this looking to commit to a brand, then you can go all the way with the huge range of accessories, training ground equipment, bibs and more besides. The other benefit of Macron is the fact you know how long a shirt is going to be in stock for. It means you know if you commit to a shirt that you’ll still be able to get spares or replacements later in the season / into next year. 

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