Puma Teamwear 2022

Puma have launched a few new collections in their teamwear range this year. Team Glory, is available through 2023, and is available in eleven different colours, with a distinctive chevron finish through the shirt. The range of colours include “fizzy lime”, “neon citrus”, “yellow alert” and “grape wine”, so there are plenty options to ensure an away kit that won’t clash with anyone else in the league!

If you are a club, especially a community club, looking to commit to strips, then the Team Pacer, Team Liga and Team Rise are worth considering as they will available through 2025. It means that you can have your sides looking the same for much longer, and perhaps having sponsors money last that longer too.

The Team Pacer comes in traditional colours of red, white, green, navy, black and royal with either black, navy or grey shoulders depending on the strip. The Team Liga expands on this, adding in yellow, maroon purple and grey, with all the strips having white (black on the yellow strip) detailing around the sleeves, shoulder, and bottom of the shirt.

The Team Rise is similar to the Liga, having a white and black band around the cuffs and bottom of the shirt. The maroon shirt is out however, replaced by orange and a sky blue shirt is added into the mix. Again, all available through 2025.


You will also find a range of training wear from Puma, with standard colours and simple, understated designs. We also have Puma holdalls for all your players to keep their kit in ,along with accessories and a range of training and match balls.


Why not explore the range on our website, and if you have any questions, direct them to us at service@campussports.co.uk