Stanno First Collection - Made From Recycled Polyester

New to the Stanno for 2022 is their First range. What is ‘first’ about this range is that it is the first range that Stanno have produced which is made from 100% recycled materials, polyester in this case. The First range consists of tops like shirts, jackets and polo shirts, along with various pants. This line offers a sustainable line from head to toe for every sports team.

There are other products too with recycled polyesters in the Stanno range. The Uni Pro sock, High Impact II Goalkeeper Sock, Move Crew Sock, Move Footless Sock and Stadium stocks are made of this material.

In the future there will be even more beautiful sports wear of high quality from, for example, organic bio-cotton and recycled polyester.

Recycled polyester comes from polyester PET bottles, reject b-grade fabricws and residual materials. Using exiting materials reduces the demand for raw materials by 65%.


Recycled polyester is just as good as ordinary polyester. It is strong, retains its strength and shape, resists abrasion and wrinkles and dries quickly. In other words, it is an excellent material for the manufacture of sportswear.

The first range contains a two full zip tops, a ¼ zip top, polo shirt, round neck top, pants and a half zip windbreaker. There is also a womens full and ¼ zip top and pants.

The tops come in at least four core colours of royal, red, black and navy. In the full zip and ¼ zip mens tops there are four additional colours – silver/grey, green, and grey with either orange or yellow stripes on the side and shoulders.

The First playing shirt is currently available in six colours, with the range due to expand shortly to sixteen colourways.